Getting ready for 2013 new video chat options coming

We are currently working with three new hot video chat options, and we will be making them public in 2013! Our current live video system is cool, mainly because it is free for everyone to use, and lots of people enjoy the no registration sex chat option. We have had some people ask for some improvements to the current system, and we have been listening.

Over the past few months we have been testing several new upgraded live video options, and we are getting close to launching two of the new upgrades. Right now it seems that we will be able to offer a new chat roulette style random cam feature which will only allow for one on one webcam viewing and sharing. Once that new options is up and running, we will begin to rollout another multi-cam option, but that one may become a premium upgrade that people need to pay to use. We are not sure yet, but we are trying to keep it free, or as close to it as possible.

We just need to pay for the enhanced hosting packages, doing the multiple video windows uses up a lot of web server resources, and just testing these new options forced us to upgrade. Hopefully we can keep the price down to somewhere around $2 to use the multi-cam option. Some of that depends on the features we enable, and some of that will depend on how many people use the live video option at the same time.

If we get a lot of one on one video watching, we should be able to handle that with our current computer systems just fine. If we get into a situation where 10 people are watching another 10 people all at the same time, then we may need to do some more upgrades. Of course we realize there is a real possibility that we could have 100 people watching 20 people at the same time, and that would spur the need for some serious online computer power, which would cost us some serious bucks.

So we are working from free to cheap. We are trying to keep things as limited as possible until the need grows. We have our eye on the possibilities of having to expand, and hopefully we will get an idea of what the associated costs will be so we can give you and the other users options that best suit the situation. We will keep everyone posted here in the news section, stay tuned!

More chat options coming

We are currently working to expand the options we have for free chat, and video chat as well. We are currently testing several new code updates. We are just waiting for some new graphics to get cranked out, then we will have the new video chat option up and running live! We have several small free text chat codes in development as well. Some are working great and others needs some tweaking to make them look and feel the way we think is hottest. So get ready, even more hot chat options are on the way very soon!