Welcome to the new Hot Video Chat dot com

Welcome to the all new Hot Video Chat dot com.

One of the premier places to enjoy free video chat with people from around the world, now with many updates to faster and better services for all to enjoy. A totally new look and layout is combined with faster video streaming and better options for text chat, and video enabled services as well. We still have multiple free chat options, and some new premium services with free previews from live webcams around the world.

If you have been a fan of our great services over the years you will notice a totally new look, and when you connect to our new video server you will notice that the video quality is much better. Sharper images, and faster video, combined with the same great community people that have been watching and sharing here for years. We now have many new premium video features to enjoy as well. Many of the regular users have asked for it, and now we have a brand new launch of these services, as well as more we are testing and about to launch in the coming weeks!

For new users we suggest taking a quick tour of the pages, and then try out the webcam features. If you really enjoy the quality video and our various chat options, then you are free to register a screen name, and create a profile. Invite your friends to check out the options here, and have fun!

Hot video chat dot com is not focused specifically on adult chat or sex chat. Instead we have been mainly about regular, everyday average people from around the world sharing their live webcam in a sometimes sexy, but not explicitly sexual. Most of our regular users here are more about dancing sexy, or showing off hot fashions, and fun times. We find that it is more fun to see how steamy things can get with everyone’s clothes on. Simply clicking next cam to see some guy naked with his wecbam aiming between his legs like you find with chat roulette is kind of boring. I mean anyone can say naked equals not, but we disagree. Truly hot and erotic does not require nudity, in fact being exciting with clothes on is more of a challenge, so those who can pull it off are the ones we find here that really shine at hot video chat dot com.